Donate for the Orphan Students

  1. Donate for the Orphans

    €103.00 donated of €999.00 goal

About The Campaign:

Join me to collect donations for these Orphan students currently studying in Islamic School (Madrasa Umme Habibia). In total there are  70 girl students studying and living in this Islamic Education Center, out of these 10 are orphans and cant support themselves by paying for the monthly fee and food expense.

Donating for these orphan children fee and food will be Sadaqa e Jaria for you a continue way of earning rewards so please donate generously. Anything that you donate will be provided to these orphans with proof.

About The Campaigner:

Mr. Qari Irfan is a trust worthy individual and he is living in Nangarhar, Afghanistan. He is voluntarily working with Kashmir Khan Charity Foundation to help those who are in desperate need of help.

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