About us

Kashmir Khan Charity  Foundation is a None for Profit Organization and it is registered with the ministry of MoIC under the licence No. 4302

The main purpose of this foundation is to provide food, shelter, and education.

We also focus on other needs in a society like clean water pumps, building schools, madrasa and mosques also helping orphans, widows and needy people in community.

Therefore we appeal everyone to contribute and donate for the good work we do or share our mission with others.

We will provide any kind of proof upon the request of the donors to show that their donations were spent only where they wanted to be spent.

Learn from our Online Teachers

We have great Alims and very talented male and female teachers who will teach you or your kids, Quran Majeed Nazira, Hifaz, Tajveed, also Arabic Language, Muslim Shareef, Bukhari Shareef, or Learning any other Islamic Books.


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