Donate for the Family of Rahiba she is Orphan & has Deaf Disability

  1. €150.00 donated of €499.00 goal


About The Campaign:

I am starting this campaign to help the family of Rahiba, she is 10 years old orphan girl and has a disability of deafness, her dad passed away few years ago in a car accident and he was the only one who supported them financially. After her dad passed away their financial condition got worse and they cant get the basic food to eat. 

Rahiba lives with her widow mom, one small brother and two sisters. She also wants to study but her financial condition does not allow her to study. I request everyone to help Rahiba and her family in these hard days, your little donation can change their life.


About The Campaigner:

Mr. Javid is a trust worthy individual and he is self employed in Kabul Afghanistan. He is voluntarily working with Kashmir Khan Charity Foundation to help those who are in desperate need of help.

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