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About The Campaign:

I want to start this campaign for a disabled boy Mr. Zahid, he is 20 years old and he was born disabled. He cant walk or move his body parts, he cant talk aswell, but he can watch, hear and feel everything. At the beginning he was in a better condition but as time passed by due to financial issues his family could not provide him proper food and medicine so now he is in a very bad condition.  when I saw him, I could not control my tears as you can see in this picture his body parts are bleeding. 

Currently Mr. Zahid is living with his sister and she is taking care of him but unfortunately she is also a widow and she has four orphan kids, so its very hard for her to financially support her kids and her disable brother as she has no source of income. I request everyone to donate and support my campaign, your donations will be used for the cause and will provide pictures/videos as a proof. Thanks 


About The Campaigner:

Mr. Shakir is a trust worthy individual and he is working as a driver in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. He is voluntarily working with Kashmir Khan Charity Foundation to help those who are in desperate need of help.

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