Donate for Digging Clean Water Pumps in Afghanistan

  1. Donate for Clean Water

    €567.00 donated of €999.00 goal

About The Campaign:

I am starting this campaign to provide clean drinking water to those who desperately need clean water to drink. In Afghanistan 95% of the population is drinking water from digging the water pumps. There are villages where people walk for miles to bring drinking water for their families, so it is a very big issue in Afghanistan.

Therefor I request every one to donate for this good cause as it will bring smile on the face of those who are in need of clean water and will make their life easy. Also providing clean water is Sadaqa e Jaria which have a continues reward for the donors, as long people will get benefit from the water pump you will receive rewards inshallah.

Donors can request for a specific place where they will want to dig clean water pump and we will fulfill their requests insalllah.

About The Campaigner:

Mr. Mustafa is a trust worthy individual and he is currently working in Ministry of Finance, Kabul, Afghanistan. He is also voluntarily working with Kashmir Khan Charity Foundation to help those who are in desperate need of help.

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