Donate For Building Madrasa (Islamic School) for Girls

  1. Donate for School Girls

    €15.00 donated of €999.00 goal

About The Campaign:

Join me in this campaign to donate for the construction of Umme Habibia Madrasa (Islamic School) for girls only and most of the girls studying in this madrasa are orphans and extremely poor. Alhamdulillah It is now 3 years and more then 200 girls are studding Islamic studies (ilam) in this madrasa. We are constructing a new building for the madrasa where more then 500 girls will study and complete their Ilam inshallah.

We have completed through donations the construction of underground floor which is mosque for the girls and we need to construct 2 more floors for the classes of the students, therefore I request everyone to take part in this good cause as all your donations will be counted as Sadqa e Jaria, which means that even after death you will get rewarded, as long as the girls study in this building you will get reward for it inshallah.

About The Campaigner:

Mr. Qari Mujeeb ur Rahman is a trust worthy individual and he is Alim himself, he is currently teaching and administering this madras in Nangarhar province Afghanistan. He will also be voluntarily working with Kashmir Khan Charity Foundation to help those who are in desperate need of help.

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