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About The Campaign:

I am starting this campaign for the blind kids family whom I met on the way to Kunar province. This family has eight individuals in total, mom and dad they are above fifty years old, four sons in which three of them are blind and two daughters, both of them are also blind, so they have only one son who is perfectly fine but he is only around ten years old.

Unfortunately these kids were born completely blind. The two blind kids Mr. Ajmal and Mr. Abdurrahman to who I met, they are studying in a Mosque and they have learned Quran Majeed by heart. I also met with their dad and he is old enough, he cant work to support his family, they don’t have their house to live in and there is no source of income, he personally called me this Eid and asked me if I can start a campaign or ask someone to help his blind kids as they have nothing to eat. So every one please donate and share this campaign, your donations will be used for the cause and proof of photos/videos will be provided.

About The Campaigner:

Mr. Fazal is a trust worthy individual and he is a lawyer by profession in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. He is voluntarily working with Kashmir Khan Charity Foundation to help those who are in desperate need of help.

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