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Building Madrasa is a sadqa jaria, where Children will learn Quran and ilam and everyone helping in building madrasa will receive ajar till the day of judgment as students qualifying from madrasa will teach to others and there will be a reward for everyone contributing towards this good cause.


Our focus is on girls education as there are already more opportunities for boys compare to girls. 


Currently we have two projects which are in the meddle and the construction is not complete yet. These two projects are in different provinces where only girls will get the education of ilam and hifaz.


We are currently in need of funds as we have stopped constructions due to lack of funds. Please contibute towards this good cause as much as you can so we can complete these projects.


If you donate for building madrasa we will share the progress of constructions or can provide other proofs to make sure that your donation will be used for the same mentioned purpose.
Learn from our Online Teachers

We have great Alims and very talented male and female teachers who will teach you or your kids, Quran Majeed Nazira, Hifaz, Tajveed, also Arabic Language, Muslim Shareef, Bukhari Shareef, or Learning any other Islamic Books.

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