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In Afghanistan there are thousands of children who are homeless, due to war zones and poority they flee from thier homes to live and earn for themselves.


Street kids without a future in their home town could become a heavy burden for Afghan society. We try our best to get them off the street and introduce them to another world of peace  and education.


Afghanistan is the fifth poorest country in the world. Over 40 percent of its inhabitants live in poverty. Children are the hardest hit. For many of them, the street is both a playground and a home.


If you rescue a child we can share pictures and proofs that your donation will be 100% spent where you intended to spend it.

Learn from our Online Teachers

We have great Alims and very talented male and female teachers who will teach you or your kids, Quran Majeed Nazira, Hifaz, Tajveed, also Arabic Language, Muslim Shareef, Bukhari Shareef, or Learning any other Islamic Books.


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